4 Useful Tips Before Buying a Stair case Lift


Managing spaces with different levels are challenging for people with limited mobility. The same is applicable when climbing stairs. It’s also time-consuming. 

One way to solve this challenge is to use a vertical staircase lift. With it, you can easily access a raised porch and deck. The platform lifts are economical. Their safety makes them reliable, especially when stairs aren’t an option.

However, there are many stair case lifts in the market today. They come in varieties of designs and features. Users with mobility challenges need to consider certain factors when buying one. This guide takes you through some of the key things to put into consideration when you need to shop for an efficient stair lift. Read on.

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Platform Lift 

Below are what you ought you pay attention to when you go shopping for a new staircase lift.

Consider your budget  

Your personal needs should be prioritized when buying a platform lift. Your budget constraints should also be considered. There are quality devices that have the needed safety specifications and features. Pick what meets your immediate situation and budget limit.

Who will use it and how often 

You need to have a clue about who will use the staircase lift. As well as how often it will be used. Take note of this before installing any type of lift.

You may need a passenger lift if the setting is a commercial building – more passengers will use it often. Also, the size of the lift car should be proper to accommodate users of a wheelchair.

Passenger lifts are more expensive than platform lifts. Also, staircase lifts are easier to install. On the other side, staircase lifts are slower. They are perfect where the frequency of use is less and passengers are few. Consider them according to your condition. 

Consider its aesthetic

Not everyone may prioritize this. The lift’s aesthetics make it look appealing, especially when they blend with the designs of your home. Remember that you can also get your staircase lift customized. There are brand colours and logos.

Most platform lifts have options for cosmetics. Using the offer you beautiful look, inside and outside. To save more money, choose them when during the manufacturing period and not after installation. Decide upfront if you want the aesthetic option for your staircase lift.

Regardless, a good-looking staircase lift will add more value to it. And if it blends well with your building, you’ll always cherish it. 

Pay attention to space

The availability of space is an essential factor to check when buying a staircase lift. Consider where your lift will be positioned in the building. This can be internal or external to your building. You know better. Some platform lifts have a lift shaft.

Also, you will be able to pick the right staircase lift when you already have an idea of where you will install it.

For commercial companies and buildings, there is often more space. For this situation, larger staircase lifts will easily fix it. 

For homes, there could be limited space. Choose according to the space available. Make this decision early. Doing this also have an impact on the cost, capacity, and energy consumption of the staircase lift.


The choice of a staircase lift should be determined by your situation. Consider your budget. And pay attention to the space available. Reach out to a reliable stairlift distributor or you contact En Mouvement Laval.