7 Reasons Why You’ll Love Living in Ohio


Ohio may not be the most glamorous state, but it certainly has much to offer its residents. Though, just like any place, there are both good and bad traits to take note of. We’ll focus on the good here. If you are looking for some pros and reasons why you’ll love living in Ohio, here are the details you’ll want to keep in mind.

1. Thriving Job Market

Not does Ohio have a booming job market, but it is a diverse one. There are plenty of employment sectors in the stare, and that is what helps attract people of all backgrounds.

Not to mention, there are a number of major brands staking down significant roots in the state. From realtors to massive hospital systems, there is plenty of work available for people of all backgrounds.

Now, if your work sector is particularly in demand, you may not find the best pay in Ohio when compared to other states. For example, what a doctor could make in Ohio can only be so high, while that same position in a mega-region like New York City may provide double the salary.

The reason behind lower salaries is the fact that Ohio has an all-around lower cost of living. More information on this can be found in #3 below, but briefly expalins the discrepancy.

2. Rich in History

Ohio is home to plenty of great history that has overwhelmingly contributed to the country’s overall history. From battle and war stories to more simple and fun history making, Ohio has a wide range of attractions for history lovers.

Within this is a ton of attractions and museums designed specifically to highlight this history. With so many things to do and learn, it will be difficult to run bored while living here.

3. Low Cost of Living

As mentioned above, Ohio does have a lower cost of living than many other places in the country. The prices you’ll pay for goods in Ohio can be significantly lower than the amount you pay for those same goods or products in another state.

Overall, the state ranks in the 80s when compared to the national average according to Best Places. This figure includes things like housing such as rent and home costs, the price of food and goods, as well as transport and utilities.

4. Amish Goods

The Amish play a big part in Ohio’s culture and way of living. It is one of the few states with a significant Amish population. While that doesn’t appear to affect people outside of the Amish community at a glance, there is actually many benefit for the general population when near Amish county.

The goods provided by Amish are one-of-a-kind and full of rich qualities, charm, and quality! Living in Ohio means easier access to these goods that you can’t find anywhere else!

5. Great for Beer Enthusiasts

Beer lovers are going to feel right at home in Ohio. With many craft breweries and a true local passion for great beer, there is plenty to see and try when living in Ohio.

Today, there are roughly 150 craft breweries to try throughout the state, which means never getting bored. Be sure to keep an eye out for beer-centered events and festivals that bring together all the most passionate lovers. However, not all recreational activities are legal. Take marijuana use for example.

6. Big Cities and Small Towns

Ohio, like many places, is a blend of small-town living and big city fun. Regardless of what you specifically are looking for, you’ll still be able to find the opposite nearby.

For example, if you’re looking for small-town communities that are a great place to raise a family, you can find them in Ohio. But if you’re still not ready to give up the nightlife, all-night restaurants, and fun big city events, you can drive from your suburb into the city for just that!

7. Convenient Location

Beyond the locations within state lines, residents will also be privy to close proximity to nearby hubs. Examples of this include relatively quick jaunts to Washington D.C., locations in Canada, and Nashville or Boston. Weekend getaways have never been easier!


Ohio is a great place to live, regardless of your unique background. Whatever you’re interested in, you’re likely to find it somewhere in the state. Just keep in mind what you’re looking for and plan accordingly.


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