A Smarter Weight Tracking Solution: Sportneer Introduces the Brand’s First Smart Scale to Provide Personalized Body Composition Analysis


The Smart Scale utilizes bio-electrical impedance analysis technology which measures body composition by the rate at which a painless, low-level electrical current can travel through the body. The eight different sensors imbedded in the scale gather fourteen body composition metrics including weight, water, protein levels, bone mass, body fat, skeletal muscle, muscle mass, BMI, BMR, metabolic age, subcutaneous fat, fat-free body weight, visceral fat, and lean body mass. The scale also captures segmental lean analysis which can be as precise as the muscle percentage of a single limb. Based on a user’s personal profile, the health report also provides an evaluation of the metrics, helping people understand where to focus their efforts, whether it be on building strength in one area of the body or decreasing overall body fat percentage. The Smart Scale goes well beyond the standards for a home scale with a less than two-percent chance of error which can typically only be ensured in a professional fitness or health setting.
While a traditional scale provides just a number, the Sportneer Smart Scale delivers detailed insights to help users better understand their body and create a personalized approach to fitness and weight management, whether they are trying to lose weight, gain muscle or something in-between. The Smart Scale pairs seamlessly with the Sportneer mobile app via Bluetooth and Wifi connection, automatically transferring information from the scale’s health report to a smartphone. After the data is delivered to a mobile device, the Sportneer App will customize exercise recommendations from a video library based on an individual’s body composition.
“Weight tracking is as personal as it gets and because every single body is different, what works for one person may not work for another. With the new Sportneer Smart Scale, we would like Americans to feel good about stepping on the scale and be eager to learn more about their bodies for a more customized, intentional approach to weight management and fitness,” said Eric He, Founder and CEO of Sportneer Global. “When paired with the resources in our Sportneer mobile app, we want to show Americans that this product is a tool for a more personalized fitness journey, at home and at an accessible price point.”
The Sportneer Smart Scale is suitable for an individual or the entire family with the ability to store unlimited profiles so everyone can track their progress from a single device. The scale has battery capacity to last 2 months and is rechargeable via a USB power adaptor, therefore causing no harmful waste without the need for disposable batteries. With a lightweight, compact, and minimalist design, this scale won’t be an eyesore in your bathroom.
Just in time for holiday gift giving, those interested can pre-order the Sportneer Smart Scale for just $45.40 (35% off) now until November 15. The Sportneer Smart Scale will be available on Amazon for $69.99 starting November 16. The Sportneer app is available on both the Google Play Store and Apple Store. To learn more about the Sportneer family of products or mobile app, please visit .
About Sportneer:
Sportneer Global was founded in 2016 with the focus of helping athletes of all levels, from amateur to elite, better enjoy the world of sports and fitness. The company’s mission is to develop all products with the knowledge of sport engineering to help improve results and performance when working out. With a growing family of product lines for fitness, cycling and outdoor adventures, Sportneer aims to offer the most accessible, reliable, and comfortable gear for a stronger, healthier and happier you. For more information, visit .
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