Air Tracks Matting


Air Tracks Matting

Air Tracks Matting is portable and easy to set up. You can deflate them when not in use to store them, and re-inflate them quickly for use. They come with adjustable air pressure based on weight and activity. The user manual of most air track mats has charts to help you choose the right pressure for your particular activity. Generally, you want to add enough air to give you enough bounce without bottoming out.


There are two different thicknesses of air tracks available for home use, with varying levels of impact protection. The thicker mats are better for gymnastic or aerobic exercises, and they provide a soft landing in case of a tumble. The difference between the two thicknesses is in the amount of air pressure used to inflate them.


When it comes to air tracks for home use, you have two different heights to choose from – 10cm and 20cm. Both offer impact protection, and are made from thick PVC that won’t deform or warp. The thicker option is best for gymnastic and aerobic exercises because it is firm enough to absorb large forces, but still provides a soft landing for users.


The 30cm Air Track is a thick and versatile mat that is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. It is ideal for gymnastics, tricking, parkour, and acrobatics. The mat has an easy-to-inflate air valve and a sturdy, double-layered vinyl supported surface for excellent rebound.


The Air Tracks Matting is an inflatable mat that provides cushioning for all types of sports and exercise. Its easy-to-use design makes it a popular choice for at-home practice. This versatile mat is lightweight and easy to store. It is available in different sizes and materials, ensuring it will accommodate the needs of every participant.


The Everfit Inflatable Air Track Mat is a very sturdy and durable air track mat that has a thick air track. It is great for gymnastics and cheerleading practice and even comes with a handy air pump.


Air Tracks Matting is an inflatable mat that is used for different sports, including gymnastics and aerobics. This type of mat is comfortable for children and adults to use. It also provides durability and safety during physical activities such as jumping. These mats are available in different sizes and materials to fit different needs.


An air track mat is an inflatable mat that is popularly used in tumbling, gymnastics, and cheer. It is designed to be sturdy and comfortable for both kids and adults, and provides maximum flotation and safety while performing gymnastic exercises. Available in many colors and sizes, air track mats can be used indoors or outdoors.


Airtracks are a fantastic way to protect your floor without the expense of a new floor or re-carpeting. Top Air Tracks are made from high quality materials, are certified by SGS, and are waterproof and weather proof. Their high density drop stitch material and three layer adhesive bonding ensure they last a long time.


Air Tracks are inflatable mats for home use that are available in several shapes and sizes. The standard size is 10cm wide, while the super large ones can reach 200cm wide and offer even more space. They are made of thick PVC and provide impact protection.