Bleecker Trading; Do you want to know about the Rating and survey of Bleeker Trading

Bleecker Trading; Do you want to know about the Rating and survey of Bleeker Trading
Bleecker Trading; Do you want to know about the Rating and survey of Bleeker Trading

BLEECKER TRADING is a web-based business site that was enrolled on August 26, 2020. The store is facilitated on the Shopify stage under the record name Bleecker The openly enlisted space name for this store is Bleecker store gathers instalments in USD money and utilizes the English language setting for its site.

It doesn’t create the impression that the storekeeper has given a contact email address. We suggest visiting the site straightforwardly for additional subtleties. You can likewise look at our FAQ for extra data. The area for this new york organization is NEW YORK. Also, the ongoing substance status is Active. Bl Secker Trading Llc has been working for 1-year half year and 10 days since it lawas id out.

Note: Merchant Genius isn’t associated with BLEECKER TRADING. If it’s not too much trouble, contact the storekeeper straightforwardly for any issues or questions relating to the internet-based store.

How to go?

New York state, New York ciCityManhattan region is found. Subtleties are given to arrive at the business. It has a location and a telephone number. Full location for business enrollment Bleecker Trading, Address subtleties, 96 Christopher St, New York, NyNY0014, United States. Looked for watchword New York Manhattan Sports Card Store. Bleecker Trading is found as an organization or area record. There is a telephone number for the business or spot. You can reach me by telephone.

Ratings, Comments and surveys for Bleecker Trading:

No normal core of the business It has all the earmarks of being 5 stars. There are 109 surveys and remarks for Bleecker Trading business or spot enlistment. As per these assessments, the typical score is 5

AnOtherata about the organization is as per the following;

Business or spot postal division: 10014

Area of Business (Latitude – Longitude): 40.7332483 – – 74.0046106

District: Manhattan

City – State: New York, NY, United States

Language code: en

Country code: US

Time Region: America/New York

Brokers trade sports cards at Bleecker Trading:

Brokers trade sports cards at Bleecker Trading in New York on July 06, 2021. – Inside an honest store in New York’s Greenwich Village, a few men open dark folder cases, eliminate sports cards and start to trade them – – a developing side interest and industry that has blasted during the pandemic. FeFervours high after a San Francisco-based venture reserve declared before that day that it had purchased a card of Golden State Warriors’ ball star Stephen Curry for $5.9 million, establishing another standard.


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