Body Shaped Like a Coke Bottle

Body Shaped Like a Coke Bottle
Body Shaped Like a Coke Bottle

How to Get Your Body Shaped Like a
Coke Bottle
You might have heard the phrase “Walk with a waddle, unless you’re a Coke bottle.” But do
you know what the actual words mean? Read on to discover what the lyrics mean and how to
get your own body shaped like a bottle. Here’s a closer look. Also, you’ll learn the lyrics of Lil
Boosie’s “Booty Talk.”
Walk with a waddle
Have you ever seen the video for “Walk with a waddle like a coca-cola bottle” by Renni Rucci?
If you haven’t, it’s definitely worth watching. This IG model is not only beautiful, but she has a
waddle. Her waddle is what gives her such a cool and confident look. Whether she’s waddling
in the street or walking swagger-style, this girl has got it.

Renni Rucci’s Look Like A Ig Model Walk With A Waddle song has lyrics that you should know.
The main lines of the song are “walk like an IG model” and “suck like a coke bottle.” This is
the perfect song to listen to when you’re feeling down. If you’re looking to look good in a video,
walk with a waddle-like gait.
Walk with a coke bottle
If you’ve ever heard the song “Walk With A Coke Bottle Body Shape,” you know what it’s all
about. Renni Rucci sings, “I’m a coke bottle, and I love to swallow!” This song’s lyrics capture
this image. You may feel like an ig model, but the truth is that you probably aren’t. You may be
waddling around town like you’re an ig model, but you’re just walking around with a coke bottle
body shape.
Lil Boosie Booty Talk lyrics
If you have ever noticed that a lot of music videos have their booty in the shape of a coke
bottle, you may have been captivated by Lil Boosie’s booty. His coke bottle booty is incredibly
well shaped. He wears body tight jeans and spandex and twerks like Marshall Faukins. And if
you’ve ever noticed his body, you may have wondered how the juve-like rapper got it.