CBG Side Effects (And What You Should Do to Prevent Them from Escalating)


CBG Side Effects ,Since the 2000s, medical cannabis has come up strongly, especially in the form of cannabinoids like CBD, CBC, and in the case here, CBG. Although such cannabis-based solutions have bore results such as lowering cholesterol, they carry significant side effects. So, you need to know the possible outcomes if you’re going to be using any cannabidiol products, especially those based on CBG.

A 2021 CBG research, the first of its kind, notes that 8.7% of people who used products with CBG reported having dry eyes, 11.8% increased appetite, 15% sleepiness, and 16.5% dry mouths. Other sources say nausea, though there is only anecdotal evidence that it comes about.

What to Do for Each Effect

Dry Eyes

If your cannabigerol oil product causes dry eyes, switch up the humidifier. It should moisten the air and make your eyes wetter and more bearable.

Increased Appetite

If your increased appetite causes polyphagia, or excessive eating, consider contacting a doctor. Don’t try to treat the changes using OTC suppressants since they could worsen the situation.


Lower your dosage when CBG products make you dizzy to the point that you can’t do anything else.

Dry Mouths

For this one, drink plenty of water to keep the inside of your mouth wet. To close, know that side effects shouldn’t stop you from taking CBG products. Why? Because their benefits outweigh the costs, therefore making them a good deal.