Everything You Need to Know About the Titan Vaporizer

Titan Vaporizer

The Titan vaporizer comes in two main varieties, each of which operates slightly differently. The Titan I and Titan II are two different options. You can enjoy all the advantages of vaping dry herbs with vape Titan without any harmful toxins. The Titan vape is a convection dry herb vaporizer, which means that the herbs are kept apart from the heat source and that they are heated evenly by steamy air that circulates all around them. Importantly, the herbs are not combusted. The two different Titan vaporizer options are thoroughly explained in this article.

Titan Vaporizer: What Is the Titan I?

A Titan I vaporizer is a basic dry herb device that heats the dry herbs in a chamber resembling a convection oven. When compared to other vaporizers, especially those that make use of convection-oven technology, the Titan I’s battery life is rather typical. It contains a 2200 mAh internal, USB-rechargeable battery with an estimated 80-minute runtime. The three preset temperature settings of the Titan I are denoted by green, red, and blue lights. This Titan vaporizer is lightweight, has a sophisticated look, and is relatively versatile. It is a popular choice for an ePuffer Titan vaporizer.

How Does the Titan 1 Vaporizer Work?

The mouthpiece of the Titan 1 vaporizer is removed to insert freshly ground herbs into the heating tube. The mouthpiece should then be popped back into place. As soon as this is finished, swiftly press the button five times to set the heater to the medium heat level. The button will flash red as it continues to heat. Simply click and hold the button for three seconds to switch between temperature settings. This Titan vaporizer is heated and ready to be vaped when the button glows green.

Titan Vaporizer: What Is the Titan II?

A Titan II dry herb vaporizer is adaptable and loaded with incredible capabilities. Extreme portability, an LCD screen that shows temperatures in both Fahrenheit and Celsius, a strong battery, a wide temperature adjustment range, and superlative portability are some of these advantages. A series of rigorous quality control tests have been performed on this dry herb Titan vaporizer to ensure that it is fit for usage in a variety of settings and climates. The Titan II dry herb vaporizer, a user guide, a USB charging cable, three replacement screens, a packaging box, a brush, and two extended mouthpiece sleeves are always included in a Titan II kit.

How Does the Titan 2 Vaporizer Work?

A Titan vape that has been charged will have a disconnected mouthpiece. Next, place some herbs inside the chamber while keeping an eye out to leave gaps that will help the airflow. Then, the mouthpiece should be firmly reattached to the Titan vaporizer. Following that, you quickly depress the power button five times to turn on the vape. The battery charging status and the available temperature are displayed on the LCD screen when the Titan vape is turned on. Press the power button continuously for 3–4 seconds after adjusting the temperature. When the screen begins to light up, the chamber is heating. Significantly before the predetermined temperature is reached, the herb pieces may begin to vaporize. So, as soon as the heating process has started, you can get ready to start using the Titan vaporizer.


Delivering incredible hits is one of vape Titan’s great qualities. Titan vape also produces the least amount of odour, zero combustion, and complete heating and vapor. Vape Titan is the greatest recommendation if you are thinking about using a vaporizer with no vape juice or combustion.


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