Fitness Babes


Some of the most inspiring fitness babes on the planet are celebrities. Kelsey Grammer, a
model and fitness guru, is one of these babes. She is an advocate for women’s empowerment
and a fitness enthusiast. Her innovative and effective workouts are highly popular with women.
Chontel Duncan, a former Miss Universe finalist and pro trainer, is another one. Each one has
a unique style and fitness regimen that inspires many.
Kaisa Itsines
The net worth of Kaisa Itsines is staggering. The 27-year-old South Australian fitness expert is
renowned for her multimillion-dollar social media campaign and her fitness app, Sweat with
Kayla. The fitness expert graduated from the Australian Institute of Fitness and specializes in
bikini body guides. She also frequently posts workout videos incorporating her two Siberian
Growing up in Seattle, Washington, Kaisa developed a love for an active lifestyle at an early
age. She was active in multiple sports during high school and college, and even broke records.
After graduating from the University of Washington, Kaisa went on to earn a Masters in
Exercise Science and began looking for a job. The fitness instructor turned out to be the
perfect fit. The entrepreneur had already been making waves in the fitness industry for years.
Angie Willson
Angie Willson is a Canadian fitness model, nutrition coach and IFBB professional contender.
She is also dubbed as the Quad Princess. Born and raised in Kitchener, Ontario, Angie’s
passion for fitness began at an early age and only continues to grow with each year. Here is a
look at her career so far. How did she get started in the fitness industry? Here’s what you need
to know about this fitness babe.
Kelsey Wells
If you’re a fan of the Kardashians or fitness babes, you’re probably wondering how to look like
them. The fitness babes are wildly popular, and Kelsey Wells is no different. This blonde
beauty, a former model, has become an international sensation thanks to her sexy physique
and healthy eating habits. She is a certified NASM CPT and SWEAT trainer, and creator of the
PWR workout program. Despite her Instagram influence, Kelsey Wells acknowledges both the
pros and cons of fitness babes. Among the pros and cons of fitness, Instagram has played a
role in shaping how fitness babes look and feel.
While growing up, Kelsey did not love exercising and had little motivation to hit the gym. But
the experience of pregnancy and birth had a dramatic impact on her mental health, and she
developed post-partum depression. To combat her post-partum depression, Kelsey found
comfort in working out and was inspired to become more active. In addition to working out, she
began to research nutrition and changed her diet from bottom to top. Kelsey Wells, fitness
babes, is a true inspiration to many women.
Paige Hathaway
Despite being a homegrown Oklahoma girl, Paige Hathaway is the face of fitness. She’s
become an international sensation by transforming millions of women and men into fit, toned,
and stunning bodies. She firmly believes that life is what you make it, and is passionate about
inspiring others to do the same. In fact, she’s been featured on the cover of Fitness Gurls,
Health and Fitness for Women, and several other magazines.
The actress’s early life was not perfect. Her parents divorced when she was only a baby, and
she grew up in a trailer home. She was placed in foster care and adopted by relatives. Paige
spent many years in foster care and eventually went on to go to college. Despite these
traumatic circumstances, she remained focused on her education and found a niche for herself
in the fitness industry.

Anne Hathaway, an advocate of F45 Training, has a subscription fitness program for
beginners. It combines HIIT with circuit-style training and is the perfect complement to
Hathaway’s heavy-lifting during the week. Her company is backed by endorsement deals with a
variety of clothing brands, and has launched her own calendar. She’s also a spokesperson for
Shredz, a nutritional supplement and information company.
Michelle Lewin
The world’s most famous fitness model, Michelle Lewin, was born in Venezuela. She moved to
Miami in 2012, where she started a fitness training channel and spread her motivation to fans
all over the world. She has worked as a model in the fashion industry and has a devoted
following of followers who follow her on social media. In addition, Michelle Lewin has a
successful Youtube channel and has been crowned Miss Worldwide.
Born in Venezuela, Michelle Lewin has become one of the most popular fitness bloggers and
has an Instagram and Facebook account that boasts over 13 million followers. She is an
expert on using social media to increase her fan base. Her bio tells her story. She was born in
Maracay, Venezuela and now lives in South Florida. At a young age, she started modeling.
After a few years of modeling, a friend recommended that she enter a bikini competition. Her
popularity grew from there.
While her popularity has grown, her fitness journey has only recently reached its peak. She
began her fitness journey at age 17 and has become an IFBB bikini pro. Her hourglass figure
and talent for posing have earned her many followers online. She has twins and a dog named
Micho. Her schnoodle Micho is often photographed walking alongside her. Lewin is grateful for
her female fans.
Anllela Sagra
If you’re interested in learning how to get lean and fit like Anllela Sagra, keep reading to
discover her fitness secrets. She’s a fitness babe that likes to spend time with her friends and
family, and she’s even appeared on the cover of different magazines! Her diet is also a key
factor in achieving her sculpted physique. She eats four times a day, and each meal contains a
source of protein. The first day of the week, she eats no carbohydrates.
Born in Colombia, Anllela Sagra began her modeling career by studying fashion in college.
When she was 18, she discovered her passion for fitness, and after years of modeling, she
has continued to compete. Now she’s a fitness model and fitness trainer, and her fan base
spans across different social media. While gaining mass was not her original goal, she has a
devoted fan base.
Emily Skye
Health and fitness are two topics that Emily Skye has mastered. In her early twenties, she
suffered from depression, but stayed focused on her health and fitness. She became a
personal trainer after discovering that the way she was exercising was ineffective. Emily Skye
has been gaining followers worldwide with her fitness advice and motivational videos. The
Australian native has also studied physical training and became a personal trainer. Her online
personal training sessions are immensely popular.
The Australian fitness model Emily Skye is an inspiration for women all over the world. The
model was once an insecure teen who struggled with an unhealthy lifestyle. She eventually
gave up conventional modeling and started focusing on health and fitness. The results were
remarkable. Emily Skye has inspired millions with her motivational videos and real-life
experiences. She is a living testament to the power of a fitness lifestyle. There’s a fitness plan
for everyone, and Skye reveals how she stays fit and toned!
Johanna Oline Modin
Social media stars, Instagram celebrities, and fitness trainer Johanna Oline Modin are all the
rage right now. The Swedish fitness trainer has thousands of followers, an activewear line, and
a ton of fitness accomplishments. She is also the founder of the popular fitness app Movin.
Growing up in Stockholm, Sweden, Johanna Oline Modin was fascinated by fashion and
decided to make fitness her career. Her fitness videos quickly accumulated thousands of

followers, and the Swedish sweetheart has since collaborated with major fitness companies
and brands.
Founded her YouTube channel in April 2014, Johanna Modin posted her debut video on 22
December 2015. The video is now the most-viewed fitness vlog ever, with over 13.5 million
views. As of January 2019, Johanna Modin’s net worth is estimated at 950k USD, and her
earnings are derived from fitness coaching, brand sponsorships, advertisements, and
promotions. Johanna Modin’s net worth is expected to reach 950k USD by 2021. Her sources
of income include fitness training and fitness coaching, advertisements, and promotions.