Grab the kettlebells: Greg O’Shea’s full-body workout to tone up


As we come to the end of February, some seven weeks since we first started working on our New Year’s resolutions, many people may feel they’ve ‘lost’ the motivation that was so easy to muster on January 1.
Losing motivation is normal and you shouldn’t get down on yourself for experiencing it. Nobody is motivated all the time — even professional athletes struggle with motivation.
If you are struggling with motivation, I recommend giving yourself a couple of days to rest before starting back with some light exercise that you find enjoyable, whether yoga, pilates, swimming or maybe a light run. Exercise can and should be fun, and it shouldn’t feel like a chore.
If you don’t enjoy doing something, you don’t have to do it. I like to mix up my workouts with dumbbells, kettlebells and Pilates to keep it fresh and interesting — find what works for you.

Greg’s muscle-toning kettlebell workout
This week we’re doing a full-body kettlebell workout that focuses on toning — complete five rounds of the following circuit. Do 30 seconds of work for each circuit followed by 15 seconds of rest between exercises. Take a one-minute rest between rounds — or as much as you need to feel relatively recovered to perform the exercises safely.
Kettlebell Swings