Gun Magnets Secure and Light Your Firearm With a Simple Swipe

Magnetic Gun Magnets Secure and Light Your Firearm With a Simple Swipe

Gun Magnets Secure and Light Your Firearm With a Simple Swipe

When it comes to gun mounts, you’ve got a few choices. Some are adhesive, and others are magnetic. If you’re looking for an easy way to secure your gun, consider using magnetic gun magnets. We’ve also looked at Stinger’s magnetic gun mount and TLO Outdoor’s magnetic “GunMag” mount.

Stinger gun mount

Stinger gun magnets are a great way to store your gun safely. These holsters are made with a soft rubber coating and fit most guns. You can even use them to carry a pistol. Whether you carry your pistol or rifle, a Stinger gun magnet is a great way to keep your gun secure and ready to go.

Stinger Gun Mount Magnets feature a neodymium magnetic cradle to hold your firearm. These magnets are also extremely compact, which means they can be easily installed in tight spaces. This makes them great for car use, gun safes, and other places where you can leave your firearm. Plus, they come in a convenient pack of two, which is ideal if you’re traveling with two firearms. You can also use one as a spare car holster.

Adhesive gun magnets

An Adhesive Gun Magnet is a great way to keep your firearms secure and easily accessible. They’re easy to install in your car, desk, table, or vault and are compatible with most brands. You can also choose a gun magnet for home use and have them mounted on your wall or doorway. Because of their small size and strong suction, these magnets are ideal for storing a wide range of firearms.

Gun magnets for the Stinger Quick-Load are easy to install. They come with all of the screws and adhesive two-sided tape you need to mount them on any flat surface. They’re also made with a protective coating so they won’t scratch your gun’s finish.

Swipe(tm) MQR

Designed to hold a gun securely and quickly, Swipe(tm) MQRS gun magnets are structurally superior to a standard snap system. This innovative retention system secures your gun with a single swipe, and it releases in 50% less time than a traditional snap. A standard hip holster employs a snap-system to secure the retention band, which can be difficult and cumbersome to manage. Instead, Swipe MQR gun magnets secure and light your firearm with a simple swipe motion.

Swipe(tm) MQ-R gun magnets are fast and secure, and the gun magnets are made of high-grade N35 Neodymium magnets to hold up to 35 pounds. They also have a single-piece metal design and come with thick rubber covers for a firm grip. They also come with a convenient installation guide to ensure a quick and secure installation.

TLO Outdoor’s magnetic “GunMag” mount

A magnetic gun mount is a great way to store your gun safely and securely. Made from high quality neodymium magnets, the GunMag mount can secure up to 25 pounds of firearms. The mount is also great for knives and tools.

This mount features a cylinder-shaped design that allows you to attach a trigger guard or safety lanyard. It was developed in conjunction with federal law enforcement agencies.

TLO’s exclusive safety clip

TLO’s exclusive safety clip makes gun-magnet mounting simple, fast, and secure. This cylinder-shaped attachment holds the gun magnet in place and is secured with a steel base. It also allows the gun to be quickly and easily removed from the magnet. The safety clip was designed in collaboration with federal law enforcement.

TLO Outdoors makes the “GunMag” magnetic mount, a practical solution for concealed carry. The mount uses strong neodymium magnets that can hold up to 25 pounds. Its rubber coating keeps the magnet from scratching attached items. The GunMag Mount is small and lightweight, measuring 2.75″ long by one inch wide and 1.25″ tall. It also doubles as a tactical wall mount.