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ASHLAND – Rachel Bowles was working as a hairstylist but had a passion for fitness and wanted to make a business of it. She dreamed of opening a gym.
Her dream became reality recently when she opened A-Town Family Fitness, which had its grand opening on Nov. 14.
Fitness center added at the Kroc Center: Cannonball! Indoor water park and fitness center set to open at Ashland Kroc Center
Certified in cross fit and a sports nutritionist, Bowles has been a part of the fitness industry for nearly 12 years and has taught group instruction for seven years
While refreshing Google daily, Bowles finally found a slice of land on 1245 Middle Rowsburg Road that would make for an inclusive, family and class-focused gym. The former warehouse and brown-sided building became Bowels' new gym.
Bowles' team came together and started putting the gym together in October while working between 10- to 12-hour days, she said.
After six weeks, A-Town Family Fitness opened with a positive reception, Bowles said.
Realizing she couldn't run it alone, Bowles partnered with friend and gym manager Kasie Harris to be her assistant manager.
"Our town needed another gym," Harris said. "It's never a bad thing to have more options."
Harris is also a certified in cross fit, weight lifting and a nutritionist.
A-Town Family Fitness offers three class types: strength and conditioning training, movement-based training called MOVE and an EVOLVE class that focuses on high caloric burn and body toning.
The fitness center has eight coaches for classes, Harris said.
Classes begin at 4:45 a.m. and end at 6:15 p.m., offering five throughout Monday through Friday and one on Saturday. "Keep an eye out for a 6:30 p.m. class," Harris said.
The classes are geared toward smaller class sizes with a capacity at 15 so the coaches can focus on each individual.
The gym has 24-hour access, a kids room, showers, dumbbells, bikes, ropes and a plethora of weights from which to choose. Treadmills and leg press machines could be a potential addition for the gym, Harris said.
The main floor of the gym is spacious with black floors and walls. Jump ropes sorted by height can be found in the storage room as well as 2,191 pounds worth of dumbbells.
On a wall lies a white board with "PR" scribbled on top, allowing members to see someone's personal record. On another board is the morning and afternoon class routine for the day.
"This is a lot of peoples' outlet," Harris said.
Harris and Bowles said their image for the gym is to create a community where members and coaches can inspire one another to reach their goals.
"Through fitness … it creates a bond," Harris said. "[We're] building a community where our members come first."
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This article originally appeared on Ashland Times Gazette: Family fitness center opens in Ashland, includes 24-hour access
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