Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer
Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

Spinal Cord Injury Lawsuits

If you were injured in an accident resulting in a spinal cord injury, you may be entitled to monetary compensation from the negligent party. Fortunately, the statute of limitations for filing a lawsuit against the government is significantly shorter than for other types of claims. This is a benefit for both the injured party and the government, as it prevents an exorbitant amount of lawsuits from being filed against the government, straining the time and resources of the government and its employees.

Costs of a spinal cord injury lawsuit

If you have a loved one that has suffered from a spinal cord injury, you may be wondering how to best pursue compensation for these expenses. The costs associated with a spinal cord injury are high and can leave a family in financial ruin. The cost of care and medical bills alone can cost upwards of $334,000 for the first year. The average cost of a tetraplegic or partial paraplegic patient is over $1 million.

Medical bills are just the first expense a spinal cord injury lawsuit will require. There will be months or even years of missed work, as well as lost wages. Physical and emotional pain from a spinal cord injury will also cause the victim to face challenges and hardships in their life. Because spinal cord injuries can affect an individual’s life so severely, it’s imperative to pursue compensation for such losses. Sadly, the financial and emotional costs of a spinal cord injury lawsuit can exceed one million dollars.

Levels of a spinal cord injury

The levels of a spinal cord injury mark the boundaries between areas affected by the injury and those unaffected by it. The spinal nerves that exit the spinal canal are named in relation to their levels in the spine. The sixth cervical vertebra is known as the C6 level. Nerves above C6 still have connections with the spinal cord, but the ones below have lost communication. In a spinal cord injury, the first level is usually the level of the injured area.

The ability to control limbs after a spinal cord injury varies based on the level of the injury and the location. There are several levels of incomplete spinal cord injury. Some have no sensation in the buttocks or in the rectum. In some cases, limb movement is lost and the victim is unable to walk or use their legs. Partial preservation of function can also occur. Partial preservation of function means that a patient recovers substantial motor and sensory function below the injury site.

Sources of a spinal cord injury lawsuit

A spinal cord injury lawsuit can be brought against anyone responsible for causing the condition. The defendant may be a person or a company, and can be held liable for the plaintiff’s injury. However, the plaintiff must show that the injury would not have happened without the defendant’s actions. For example, a car accident may have resulted in the plaintiff being tetraplegic. In such a case, the car manufacturer would be held liable.

The cause of spinal cord injuries vary from person to person, but in most cases, they are due to motor vehicle accidents. Falls and violent assaults account for fifteen percent of all spinal cord injury lawsuits. Recreational activities such as scuba diving, kayaking, and skiing are also common causes of spinal cord injuries. A successful lawsuit may provide the victim with the funds needed to receive treatment for their injuries. It is important to seek legal counsel for your case if you have any of these symptoms.

Methods of determining if you have a case

If you suffered from a spinal cord injury, you may be eligible to file a personal injury lawsuit. These injuries can result in significant physical damage and mental anguish. A personal injury attorney can collect evidence to prove negligence and four elements of liability. If you have a complicated medical history, it may be beneficial to consider hiring a personal injury attorney. Your case will be based on the facts and circumstances of your accident.

Many cases involving spinal cord injuries are preventable. Accidents, such as car accidents, medical errors, and construction accidents can result in a spinal cord injury. Whether a party was at fault or not, you may be eligible for monetary compensation from the party who was at fault. To begin your case, you must identify the source of the spinal cord injury.

Experience of a spinal cord injury lawyer

A spinal cord injury can change a person’s life forever. Even a minor injury can prevent someone from working for a few months. But if the injury is severe enough, it can end a career. If a spinal cord injury leaves you unable to move, you’ll be left with permanent disabilities. If the accident was due to another person’s negligence, an experienced lawyer will help you maximize the compensation you can receive.

Spinal cord injuries can be caused by a variety of situations, including work-related accidents, car crashes, medical malpractice, slip-and-fall accidents, and more. Whether the injury was caused by a fall, a motor vehicle accident, or a workplace or transportation accident, a spinal cord injury can be life-changing and require extensive medical treatment. Accidents involving the spinal cord are especially difficult to sue because they are unpredictable, and insurance companies know this. They will often push injured people to accept a settlement before they know the full extent of their injuries.