Three great fitness tips to spice up your weekend workout


Hello and welcome to this week’s Lounge fitness roundup. Every Saturday, we pick some of the best stories of the week that you may have missed, so you can broaden your fitness knowledge and make your workouts better. As always, remember, that no matter how good your workouts are, with a little help and guidance, they can always improve.
This week, we have three great stories that focus on different aspects of the fitness journey. While one story looks at new scientific findings on how our bodies work, a second story looks at the importance of building up your glutes. Finally, a third story looks at the importance of flexibility and suggests two great stretching routines that you should be incorporating into your workout.
It’s time to bust some myths about metabolism and exercise
A great many things that we thought we knew about exercise and fitness are being challenged by new scientific findings. Which is a good thing, because this ensures that our knowledge about the body increases, and along with that, our understanding of how exercise works also gets more nuanced.
Lounge fitness writer Shrenik Avlani goes through a bunch of important new research findings that are forcing fitness professionals to consider things like metabolism, cardiovascular health and diseases like diabetes in a different light. As he writes in the story, it’s probably time to look at your fitness goals and journey in a new way. A must-read story.
Three great glute exercises to get bootylicious
In this story, Lounge writer and fitness enthusiast Preeti Zachariah lists the different exercises that you need to do if you want a strong and bootylicious butt. This is something that she strives for as a fitness goal and as she argues in this piece, you should too.
She lists three excellent exercises that you can do, along with videos that show you how, for which you don’t need any weights. Exercises like the glute bridge, donkey kicks and the lateral band walk can be done anywhere, anytime.
Two great stretching routines to improve your flexibility
Fitness is a holistic process, where you focus not just on your cardio-vascular capacity, but also on building up your stretch. While this is fairly well known, what sometimes gets lost is the fact that you also need to work on your flexibility. As Lounge fitness editor Bibek Bhattacharya writes in this piece, your body needs to be strong, but also supple.
Stiffness is your enemy and unless you incorporate enough flexibility and stretching routines in your workout, you also run the risk of picking up an injury. In this story, Bhattacharya lists two excellent flexibility routines that you should be incorporating into your weekly workout split