Why this ‘belly fat burning’ TikTok hack is total BS – from a PT


You’ve probably seen videos of women performing a standing crunch on the app TikTok, but are they really effective? Is Courtney’s ‘hack’ worth the hype? Or is it just more BS? Read on to find out. After all, if she’s using her tip to lose weight, she’s not going to lose any stomach fat!

Courtney’s TikTok hack

A video circulating on the internet that claims to help burn belly fat has been debunked by a PT. Courtney Parchman, also known as Corny, received a video that went viral and quickly became Kaitlyn’s biggest fan. What started out as a college joke quickly became a worldwide phenomenon and is now a multi-million-view video. Courtney has said that her videos are not effective at building muscle. Fitness experts agree that diet and exercise are the best ways to achieve visible abs.

Jennifer Savin’s tip

The body-shaping ‘trick’ that has millions of fans is actually a complete myth. In one video, a woman stands up and performs a standing crunch. The app has been accused of being a hoax by many people, but Jennifer Savin is ready to explain why this hack is complete BS. In her post, she debunked the myth that hunching over is an exercise, and explains why it’s totally untrue.

PT Jennifer Savin

A video circulated on social media featuring women performing a standing crunch has been copied by thousands of people. While some people believe the hunch-over-breathing exercise helps burn belly fat, the reality is much different. PT Jennifer Savin explains why this TikTok belly fat burning hack is BS. Jennifer Savin is a multi-award-winning Features Editor at Cosmopolitan UK, and crowned the magazine’s Digital Journalist of the Year.