X Body Shape


How to Dress for the X Body Shape
The ‘X’ body shape is characterized by a long outward slope from the waist to the hip bone.
This is often accompanied by a wide distance between the rib cage and the hip bone. It’s
difficult to dress for this shape, but there are several ways to make sure that your wardrobe
shows off your best features. Here are some of them:
Avoid low-rise jeans
A popular style that accentuates the waistline and highlights the abs is the low-rise jean.
These jeans are best suited to the hourglass, rectangle, and inverted triangle body shapes.
Avoid low-rise jeans if you have a pear body shape, as they will emphasize your thighs.
However, low-rise jeans can be tricky for women with a triangle body shape.
To avoid low-rise jeans on an X-shaped body, start by looking at your waistline length. If you
have a short waist, low-rise jeans may make your muffin top more noticeable. They may also
cause you to slouch when sitting, and they will not look good on you. Short-waisted women
should avoid low-rise jeans, as they will look out of place and create an unflattering
For athletic body shapes, avoid skinny-fit and low-rise jeans. These two styles emphasize the
waist and thighs, and shorten the vertical line. Avoid cropped jeans and tapered trousers,
which can hide the shape of the hips. If you are a woman with a curve-shaped figure, you can
try wearing high-waisted jeans or straight-leg trousers. Paperbag trousers and sailor-style
pants also give a rounded look to your hips
. Avoid styles with flap pockets, as these tend to
highlight your waist and legs.
Another body type is the big guy. A pear shape may have a bulging belly and thighs, but his
torso may be thin and a low-rise jeans can help balance the shape. The same advice is the
same as for skinny guys – go for a lower rise jean and avoid high waisted jeans. The high waist
accentuates the bulge around the tummy.
Avoid high-waisted skirts
Unless your waist is narrow, high-waisted skirts will add excess weight and create a

pronounced x shape. High-waisted skirts should be at your natural waist, not your hips. High-
waisted skirts can be uncomfortable and accentuate lumps and bumps. Also, avoid clingy

If you have a X-shaped body shape, it is important to avoid cropped trousers, because these
are not flattering. Avoid high-waisted skirts, and instead opt for pencil or high-waisted skirts.
Similarly, try to avoid crop tops, and try to choose blouses that are fitted and revealing. This
way, you can accentuate your waist and conceal any bulging hips.
For women with an x-shape, you should avoid boxy and mini skirts, because they disrupt your

curved lines. Instead, try wearing tailored skirts, which emphasize your waist, and avoid full-
length skirts, which tend to add bulk. Choose pencil skirts and fitted skirts with a flared

hemline to create length and minimize width. For a high-waisted skirt, choose a light fabric
that moves with your body.
If your legs are heavy, avoid wearing a skirt with ankle straps or flat shoes. They will make
your legs appear heavier than they really are. Instead, try wearing bare-leg shoes or nude
tights with your skirt. If you have an a-line shape, wear shoes that match your legs. Also, keep
in mind that a high-waisted skirt will hide your tummy, so make sure that it doesn’t have a
hefty gather at the front.
Avoid wearing jackets with well-defined shoulders
A pear-shaped body should avoid wearing jackets with strong shoulder lines, and instead
focus on pieces that add visual upper weight and dynamic elements to your outfit. You should
also try layering pieces to add visual upper weight and dynamic elements to your outfit. Be

sure to check the fit of the jacket before buying it, as it is rare to see jacket fit pictures of
pear-shaped women.
If you have a V-shape body shape, it is best to avoid jackets that have well-defined shoulders.
They will draw attention to the shoulders, which are already a prominent feature of the female
figure. Instead, wear jackets with short sleeves to emphasize your chest while minimizing your
shoulders. Raglan sleeves also create the illusion of square shoulders. Tops with details on
the shoulder also add extra volume to the upper half of the body.
Avoid wearing open necklines
If you have an hourglass figure, avoid wearing revealing, shapeless, boxy clothing. These
types of necklines will make your shape appear wider than it actually is. Instead, stick with a
variety of styles that accentuate your shape. A high, crew neckline, for example, will cut off
your upper body, particularly if you are very busty. However, open necklines will elongate your
top half and flatter your natural shape.
X body shapes are generally able to wear a wide range of cuts and styles, though there are a
few items you should avoid. While they can look great with any kind of cut, they should still
avoid the ‘too much’ category. The same goes for mixing and matching two patterns. Also,
keep an eye on the length of the clothes you wear. X body shapes are prone to getting
unsightly if not respected correctly.
If your chest is prominent, you should choose a top with an open neckline. This will draw the
eye to your chest. However, if you have an X body shape, a high-necked top will only highlight
your chest and make you appear wider. Likewise, high-necked tops will make your chest
appear larger. Depending on your body shape, you can wear a plunging neckline if you feel
more confident wearing it.
Avoid wearing monochrome outfits
While a monochromatic style is hypnotic, many people get it completely wrong. The secret to
pulling off this look is to play with color variations. Try different shades of red and black, for
example, to create a cohesive monochromatic look. Also, use accessories to tie your look
together. You can add a monochrome shirt or jacket to pull the entire outfit together.
For the best results, choose colours that match your hair and skin tone. Avoid dark blue, black,
or eggplant if you have fair skin or a light skin tone. Darker colors, such as gray, navy, or
burgundy, will make you look slimmer. Alternatively, try deep shades of brown, burgundy,
eggplant, or hunter green. By playing with different shades of the same color, you can create a
cohesive, yet unflattering look without sacrificing individuality.
The most important tip for dressing monochromatically is to choose the colors carefully. If you
feel you look flat and unflattering in a monochromatic outfit, it might be a good idea to switch
up your colors for a more interesting effect. For example, a gray skirt could have a shiny
texture, while a cable knit sweater can add a bit of volume to an otherwise sleek outfit.


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